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Permanent base for your business

Even the smallest business deserves a solid foundation - with minimal commitment and maximum flexibility.

As a co-worker, no two days need to be the same!

Maybe you’re the type who doesn’t thrive in a secluded private office but feels most comfortable with natural background noise from people passing by, a coffee machine brewing, and some soft lounge music playing. You might enjoy chatting informally with other co-workers, who you see as your closest “colleagues,” and appreciate having plenty of elbow room. Or perhaps you’re simply searching for a high-quality office solution that’s affordable. If so, co-working is definitely for you.

As a co-worker at ordnung, you gain access to a shared workspace with high flexibility. You can choose any of the available desks to work from, and the next day, you might sit at a different one. All workspaces are equipped with modern, high-quality office furniture, and you also have the option to sit in any of the office hotel’s other common areas.

The common areas, like the workspaces, are presentable and stylishly designed in a modern Nordic style, which collectively enhances your business’s image and makes your company appear highly professional, even if your business registration is freshly printed.

As a co-worker, you choose which of our workspaces you want to be affiliated with, and prices start at 2,000 DKK per month. You can come and go as you please, and each workspace offers a range of facilities to support your workday. All you need to bring is your computer, and you’re set to go. Happy working!

Why choose ordnung Co-working

Your Professional Office Environment

As a co-worker, you become an integral part of our workspaces just like any other tenant - you just have a space in an open office environment instead of being tucked away behind your own four walls. If you need to hold a meeting, you have the option to book meeting rooms, where you can also choose to add catering services. You have full access to all shared facilities and much more.

Focus on Your Work

With a co-working space at ordnung, you can immerse yourself in your business with focus and efficiency, while we handle all the practical aspects of the office. This frees you from spending energy worrying about cleaning, paying operational costs, and everything else that comes with managing a workspace. All you need to do is bring your computer and show up whenever it suits you.

Stability and Flexibility

Co-working offers the perfect balance between stability and flexibility. You get a stable environment that ensures optimal working conditions, while also enjoying a high degree of flexibility. You're not tied to a specific desk but can change your seat daily as needed. This allows you to tailor your workday precisely to your needs and preferences. If that's not the definition of flexibility, what is?

Freshly Brewed Coffee

We understand the value of a good cup of coffee during the workday. As a co-worker, you can indulge in unlimited amounts of coffee from our Swiss JURA coffee machines. We have carefully selected the finest coffee beans to ensure a smooth and creamy taste experience. And if you prefer milk in your coffee, fear not, we always have fresh skim and whole milk ready in the refrigerator.

Included in the price

Furnished hot desk

Coffee & tea

Wireless fiber (WiFi)


Company address

Discount on meeting rooms

Benefits program

24/7 access


Mail reception

Package reception

Access control


Fixed lunch arrangement

Meeting room rental

Catering for meetings



We recommend

ordnung+ Vestergade 29 

If you’re looking for a co-working space, we highly recommend our workspace at Vestergade 29. Here, you can benefit from a central location just around the corner from Rådhuspladsen, along with an atmospheric office environment equipped with professional facilities.

The facilities at the workspace are tailor-made for co-working, community, and dynamism. You will experience a calm and pleasant atmosphere, thanks to the Nordic decor and the numerous common areas.

Across all four floors of the serviced office, we have created fantastic co-working areas where you can settle in among like-minded businesses. There are areas designed for quiet and concentration as well as spaces for conversation and collaboration.

As a co-worker at Vestergade 29, you have a wealth of desk options to choose from – and we’re confident that you’ll find more than one favorite spot.

Co-working is also offered at these serviced offices

ordnung+ Strandvejen

The co-working venue of our Workspace in Hellerup is welcoming and friendly.

ordnung+ Gl. Kongevej

Do you dream of working from the 19th floor, enjoying a panoramic view over Copenhagen?

ordnung+ Bredgade

Turn one of Copenhagen’s most picturesque streets into your next co-working destination.

ordnung Amager Strandvej

Swap your home office for spacious and stylish surroundings on Amager.

ordnung Lottenborgvej

If you're looking for a co-working space in Lyngby, we have the perfect spot for you.